Curved Shower Curtain Track Set (59")

  • $ 109.00

Circular curved aluminum shower curtain track set with a 6" projection using our KS track with patented lubrication.

Create more space in your standard size tub.

Comes 59" (straight across measurement). Can be trimmed with a standard hacksaw or...

Customize with the "custom cut box". A little larger is OK, within reason.

Drop chains are available to purchase separately.

Other L shaped, U shaped and 4 sided configurations available on our standard Shower Curtain Track listing page.

Customer Reviews

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Don Brown
More stuff please

Great i Love it

Looks & Functions Great

Over it looks great and is exactly what I wanted but the length was 1/4" shorter than what I requested so there is a small gap at each end now. Not a big deal but just not what I requested.

W Forrest Coley
Curved track Looks great

Easy to install, sturdy, and stylish!


Easy to install.

Overall fantastic product

These curved ceiling tracks are sleek, functional & allow you to hang curtains from floor to ceiling, a much better look in my opinion than traditional shower rods that cut off a portion of your ceiling height. I purchased grommet topped waterproof curtain panels to hang on these tracks & they worked perfectly (you can find them in varying lengths depending on your ceiling height).
What I love about these tracks?
- Curved option is a specialty & hard to find. In fact, I couldn't find these anywhere else
- Multiple color options. I bought both the gray & white, both are lovely, esp the gray with gray curtains
- Ability to order specified length
- Ability to order additional hooks & optional extenders (I needed an additional 2 hooks per curtain panel)
- Very easy to install, super lightweight for holding up & marking holes
What I didn't love?
- Price. These are a tad expensive, considering the straight ones of the same length are much cheaper
- When inserting the rolling clips onto the track, they have a tendency to tilt& go sideways. I found this out the hard way (i.e. after the track was already installed). I had to forcefully snap them back onto the track to straighten them, all the while worrying that I was going to break them. Luckily, they didn't but something to consider before installing. Make sure they are all hanging straight.
- The curve distorts actual measurements. My wall to wall measurements were exactly 59" so that's what I ordered. However, the tracks ended up being a little too long to fit between the walls without the curtains swinging too far out so I had to cut off about 1/2 - 3/4." And b/c these have to be cut at a slight angle, I had to sort of guess where to cut them. One turned out fine, the other one I cut a little too much. Also, these were not clean cuts since using a hacksaw leaves a slight rough edge. None of this was noticeable once installed, but still. Just something to consider when ordering.
Overall, a great product & I'm very happy with the end result. Gives a beautiful & modern update to a traditional tub enclosure.

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