Wave Fold, Ripplefold & Grommet Curtain Panels

Now introducing ready made wave fold, ripplefold and grommet panels in various fabrics with lengths customized to your dimension. Ripplefold panels have ripplefold snap tape sewn on and can be used with our ripplefold track systems.  Wave fold panels have our wave fold tape sewn on and include hooks and connecting chains. Grommet panels use smaller grommets in 4 color choices, closer together to create a nice ripple effect instead of large obnoxious grommets used on poles. Many of our fabrics are double wide, allowing for seamless panels, and chosen for their drapeability and functionality.

Sheers (light weight)--Batiste (budget), Mumbai 2

Sheer (heavier weight)--Mumbai 1

Medium weight--Bali, Sumatra

* New: Medium weight budget friendly--Tango, Fiesta Linen