Room Divider Curtain Tracks

We have a number of curtain tracks that make great room dividers now. . We can now custom bend our Forest KS track to make 90 degree bends and other shapes you need. This 1/2" tall track has a low profile and a 4" radius bend. It can be wall or ceiling mounted. We also have the 3/4" CS track that has a 6" radius bend. It's a little more heavy duty than the KS track, but both have good splices and a patented lubrication for smooth traversing. The latest addition from our Forest drapery hardware lineup is our exclusive Recess track. This track is designed to be installed in a channel in the sheetrock, so is typically used for new construction or extensive remodels.

We also have a simple decorative track system called Decor 1 that is available in 4 designer finishes. These aluminum curtain tracks have finishes that simulate wood, like pine white, oak, and walnut. Our Kirsch 9600 ceiling curtain track has been used for years to divide cubicle spaces also. No longer do you need to settle for a standard hospital curtain track or cubicle curtain track.