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  • $ 67.00

Shower curtain track sets in the most popular configurations. Using our KS aluminum curtain track with smooth functioning carriers and our simple, 90 degree bend piece that we bend ourselves. Makes installation a breeze.

All track can easily be cut to size with a hack saw. If you want us to cut to a different size, order the closest configuration and leave the dimensions in the custom cut box. A little larger is OK also (within reason).

We also have a Double ceiling track, if you want a liner and curtain on separate channels in the same track.

Drop chains are available for purchase separately.

The 59" straight track fits most standard tubs and includes track, 12) slides, 12) S hooks, 3) ceiling brackets.

The 60" x 32" includes track, 24) slides, 24) S hooks, 1) 90 degree bend with splices 5) ceiling brackets. Completely reversible.

The 60" x 60" includes track, 24) slides, 24) S hooks, 1) 90 degree bend with splices, 6 ceiling brackets.

The 32" x 60" x 32" includes track, 24) slides, 24) S hooks, 2) 90 degree bends with splices, 7) ceiling brackets.

The 60" x 36" x 60" includes track, 36) slides, 36) S hooks, 2) 90 degree bends with splices, 8) ceiling brackets.

The 60" x 36" x 60" x 36" includes track, 48) slides, 48) S hooks, 4) 90 degree bends with splices and 10) ceiling brackets.

The 28" x 27" x 28" Neo angle, includes track, 24) slides, 24) hooks, 2) 135 degree bends, 1) splice, 6) ceiling brackets. This track is spliced in the middle.

Customer Reviews

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Cody Barnes
Product was as advertised…..just some suggestions.

Easy install and everything is great quality.

A few suggestions for options.
1. Option for different color metal hooks. Husk are just a silver metallic color. Would be cool if I could get hooks that matched my fixture color. Currently a brushed gold, but there are all kinds of fixture colors for bathrooms….being able to match metals would just help everything to tie in better.
2. Hook extensions. The curtain when installed is so close to the ceiling that the hot air raising in a shower causes the curtain to suck in on you. Having the option to hang a curtain 6-12” from the track would probably aid in this effect. Again with an option to choose different metals.
3. Track color. Would be nice to have a more matted color vs the high gloss. Track blends well with the ceiling but the gloss can draw your eye up, and I don’t want to draw attention to the track.

Thank you and have a great day.

Ross Masson
Curtain Rod

Looks great, works perfect. Initial order arrived damaged by the shipper. Vendor replaced it no questions asked.

David Polick
Perfect Track for ceiling in custom shower.

Great from order process to installation and customer service via email. Well put together system that is sturdy and super easy to install if you’ve ever put anything into a stud or drywall.

cathy adams

Easy to install and looks very nice

Helen Wilkins
Corner curtain rods

Worked very well !
A small design issue.

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