How do you hang curtains on a curtain track?

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Whether you are hanging curtains on a ceiling curtain track or wall mounted track, the techniques are the same. The main choices are drapery pin hooks, S hooks or plastic hooks.  The reason many people want to use our traversing curtain tracks is to eliminate any interference while sliding it open and closed. No matter the length of your track, the brackets don't interfere with the functionality. Depending on the rod, the brackets either attach to the top or back of the track and don't block the bottom channel where the slides are.

What you use to actually hang the drapery depends on the style of the heading. Pinch pleated draperies use drapery pin hooks that are sharp and can stick into the back of the panel and then insert into the hole on the slide. For panels with grommets, an S hook can be added to the slide on the curtain track and hooked on the grommet. Another method is to sew wave fold tape on the back of flat panels and insert the small plastic hooks

drapery pin hookS hookplastic wavefold hooks

insert drapery pin hookgrommet curtain with S hookinserting plastic wave fold hook

Often people want to just hang flat rod pocket panels. For that, you would also use the drapery pin hooks. We find that a 5" spacing does well. Remember that these curtains will just pull flat when you grab the end and pull them closed, no matter how wide they are. Any "fullness" will be left at the end unless you pull that over also and dress it evenly. If you want to hold fullness in without any pleats, we developed our own wave fold method using connecting chains.


Update: We now offer almost all of our tracks with a wavefold system option. These wavefold carriers are connected by a string and various fullnesses are created by altering the hook spacing. Check out our new Wavefold collection page for instructions and more information.

This is a similar look to the ripplefold system that uses snap tape and carriers connected by a string that are held a set distance apart. But that probably deserves a post by itself. You can learn more about it on our ripplefold page.



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