Kontur Double Traverse Rod Set


  • $ 316.72

Installation instructions

The bronze Kontur track has a black Euro track on the back.

For a wall mount, the bottom of the back Euro track hangs 1/2" below the bottom of the front Kontur track.

For a ceiling mount, the bottom of the back Euro track hangs 3/4" higher than the front Kontur track.

Kontur aluminum double curtain track system. Contemporary 2" tall by 1" deep track on the front with smaller Euro track, 3/4" tall by 5/8" deep on back.

Includes decorative wall mount brackets, if wall mount is selected. For ceiling mount, the front Kontur track uses hidden ceiling  brackets and the back Euro track has its own ceiling brackets. They mount separately to the ceiling. Mount the back track 2"-2 1/2" from the wall and the front track 5"-6" from the wall. Slides are provided (3 1/2 per foot) and 4 white fiberglass batons.

See our blog post for the carrier styles and how to use them.

The track is rated at 4 lbs per foot; for example, a 10 ft. track will hold a maximum of 40 lbs. each track. Be sure your brackets are securely mounted.

The end caps will add 3" total (1 1/2" for each) to the cut size that you specify. Ie., if you enter a cut size of 126", the overall width of your rod including the end caps will be 129".

Longer rods ship in multiple sections with hidden interior splices and decorative seam cover caps.

Since this is a baton draw, you can use one panel as a one-way draw, two panels as a split draw, or multiple panels and draw them in any direction desired.

Suitable for our wave fold system, pleated draperies with pin hooks, or you can use swivel slides w/ attached hook for grommet curtains. See Our Wave fold panels for what we have available. If making your own, you can order wave fold tape and hooks separately. If you select wavefold carriers, please view the links on the wavefold collection page to learn more.

If Wavefold carriers are selected, you will receive the following quantities. This will often be more than required. Cut the string to remove the excess.



Customer Reviews

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Leslie Neri
Aesthetic wise is great

I like the sturdiness and the look of this traverse rod. I have been searching for videos in how to put this thing on the wall and the pictures and instruction manual that was sent to me was very inadequate and even shows parts that didn’t come with my order. I usually watch videos online to have an idea on how to install. This product is quite expensive and it takes time to figure out to make it work. I am literally still trying to hang the traverse part for I was able to install the part to the wall and I do hope this time the traverse part will coooperate and I won’t ruin the system.

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