Mumbai 2 Wave Fold Panel

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Mumbai 2 is a sheer fabric with a beautiful linen look. It has a soft hand and hangs very well as a wave fold drapery. It's a light filtering fabric that you can see through. Because it comes in a wide width, all panels are seamless. The 50% cotton 50% polyester content keeps the wrinkles low.

Our "custom" ready-made wave fold panels come in 6 widths, but are customized to the length you enter. The wave fold tape is sewn on and the hooks are attached to the panels. Just add the included connecting chains and hang on your rod. See our wavefold panel installation sheet. All of our panels have the features of more expensive custom draperies like blind stitched bottom and side hems and weights.  

Since the panels are customized, they are not returnable. We recommend you order a swatch first. Allow 10-14 days for panels to ship.

For compatible hardware, go to our Wave Fold Rod collection page.

The panel coverage is the maximum width of the panel when it is closed. If you are very close to covering the maximum width with your panels, consider moving up to the next size. The chains connect the hooks on the back of the panel, holding the wave folds in.

The flat width is the width of the panel if the chains aren't used and the panel lays flat. It's possible to just use the panels flat without the chains. They will tend to have a very slight wave from the memory of the wave fold tape and still stack up nicely when opened.

Ordering examples:

Track width 45". Order 2) 27" panels for a split draw. Order 1) 51" panel for a single draw.

Track width 73". Order 2) 39" panels for a split draw. Order 1) 87" panel for a single draw.

Track width 167". Order 2) 87" panels or 3) 63" panels or 4) 51" panels.

Track width 250". Order 3) 87" panels or 4) 75" panels.

The fullness of these panels when fully closed or "stretched" out is 1.6 fullness. This is also referred to as 60% fullness in ripplefold terminology. Keep in mind that you can order wider panels or a larger number of panels to create fuller draperies. For example, a 75" panel that has a flat width of 118" used on a 59" rod would be 2.0 or 100% fullness.

Panel coverage Flat width Hooks Chains Approx. stack width
27 46 10 5 8
39 64 14 7 11
51 82 18 9 13 1/2
63 100 22 11 16
75 118 26 13 19
 87 136 30 15 22

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