Pleated curtain styles to use on curtain tracks

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Since we often get questions about what kind of curtains go on our tracks that use the eyelet carriers, we thought we'd put some pictures of various pleated styles in a blog post. The curtain tracks with the ball bearing carriers or eyelet carriers (the style of carrier that doesn't have a hook hanging from it) is primarily used for pleated draperies, but now are often used for our newer wave fold system.

Pleated draperies don't just come in the Pinch pleated traditional style any more.

Pinch pleated drapery

There is also the Euro or English pleat

Euro or English pleat

The Goblet pleat

Goblet pleat drapery

The Cartridge pleat

Cartridge pleat

All of the pleated styles have something in common. They need pin hooks inserted behind each pleat to insert into the hole or eyelet on the carriers that run on the track.

The top of the inserted pin hook will be below the top of the drapery, so the carriers are completely covered. On the 94000 Kirsch series tracks like the 94003 and 94004 and the Forest CS track, the pins can be inserted lower on the drapery to cover the track when the drapery is closed. The top of the pin should be 1 1/2" down from the top of the drapery when fully inserted.

On the decorative tracks like the Tekno 25 and 40, Kontur, Nexgen and Invisible, the top of the drapery needs to remain just below the track, exposing the track even when closed.

When using baton draw sets, master carriers are typically used. The master carriers have arms on them to allow the flat leading edges of the panels to overlap on a split draw. A pin hook is put behind the flat leading edge of the drapery panel and then inserted into the first hole on the master carrier arm. The pin hook behind the first pleat is inserted into the second hole on the arm. Batons or wands can also be attached to the bottom of these masters. On cord draw tracks, the cord runs through the master carriers controlling the operation of the drapery. 

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