What curtain track is the best for heavy curtains?

Posted by Lacy Whaley on

At Curtain Rod Connection, we have a great track for those heavy draperies. Our CS Track is rated at a whopping 6lbs per foot. That means a 10-foot rod can hold a huge 60 lbs. of drapery (of course, your wall may not be happy). With its low profile look and huge amount of strength it is really the unsung hero of heavy curtains. For a cord draw track, also see our 94001 traverse rod.

The CS Track is affordable and dependable. It also comes with a patented lubricant that makes for a smooth as butter and a quiet as a mouse glide.  It's easy to install and cut to your exact specifications! The customizability doesn't stop there. You have grommeted panels? We have S hooks. You have pleated draperies? We have pin hooks and ball bearing carriers. All of which are compatible with the CS track. If you do have difficulty installing, or you don't know what exactly you need, our experts are available to live chat.

It's one of our favorite tracks here at curtain rod connection and you can check out the glowing reviews on the CS track. It's definitely a sweetheart product here at Curtain Rod Connections. Available in three colors and worth every penny. 

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