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Forest KS complete recessed hidden ceiling curtain track set for a flush ceiling mount with choice of slides. Note that if Tech wheeled carriers or Wavefold carriers are selected, no internal splices will be included. Carefully, butt sections of track together during installation, if applicable, testing for a smooth transition. See our Wavefold collection page for more information on the wavefold style of carrier. For long track and/or heavy draperies, the Tech wheeled carrier is recommended.

Heavy duty aluminum track, powder coated white; 1/2" high, 7/8" wide. Designed to be recessed into a 5/8" wide channel of 1/2" sheetrock (drywall) for a flush ceiling mount. The bottom flanges allow for a clean sheetrock installation inserted with no compound needed. If 5/8" sheetrock is used, installer should be careful not to overtighten screws.

Track is rated at 3 lbs per foot; for example, a 10 ft. track will hold a maximum of 30 lbs.

A 90 degree bend (or custom angle) is available.

One end of each track set will be punched to allow access for adding and removing slides. The special end piece allows for a "fixed carrier" to be added (included) or just a screw to hold the cap in place. If you don't want this feature, let us know in the special instruction box in the shopping cart. The other end can be easily cut with a hack saw or leave a custom cut dimension and we will cut it for you.

The track has holes punched for easy installation and has a centered indentation along the length of the track for easy drilling, if needed. Trim head screws need to be used to prevent scoring of the channel.

Each set includes track, special end piece, splices (if applicable), screws and 3 1/2 slides per foot. Quantity of wavefold carriers will be based on the wavefold chart.

Batons can be added and are available to purchase separately.

Customer Reviews

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Carolina Cisneros
great product!

the track was great and the service even better!

Install didn't end in divorce (yay!)

I purchased these in mild terror about how complicated (and anger inducing) the install may be for my husband because our ceiling is already a finished situation (not a current construction) and we had no idea what was under the sheetrock. However, to our joy and amazement, the install only took about 3 hours start to finish (including cleanup). We were fortunate to find that there was plywood under the sheetrock so we didn’t need to do anything special to be able to secure the tracks. Just had to cut out the two channels (we did two single tracks) and do a tiny bit of retexturing on the ceiling (thank God)!

Also, “Baby Yoda” was insanely helpful! I absolutely recommend purchasing from this company and will very likely end up buying more of these tracks!

Alissa Bronsteen
Great service!

I’m new to curtain tracks and really didn’t know what I needed for my project. I called their number and the guy (sorry! I forget his name) couldn’t have been more helpful and patient. He really listened to what I was trying to do and then walked me through all the parts that I would need and made suggestions that were very helpful. The rod and components came in great condition. I haven’t installed them yet so I can’t tell you how they’ve been working, but I suspect they'll be great.

DeeDee Passmore

KS Recess Curtain Track Set

martin watters

I am very happy with the product and the delivery timing was exceptional.
Thank you

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