Corner/Room Divider Curtain Track Sets

Curtain Rod Connection

  • $ 128.40

Our collection of wall or ceiling mount curtain track sets using our KS (1/2") or CS (3/4") aluminum curtain track with 90 degree corner bends for corner windows and room divider curtain track situations. Includes L shapes with one bend and U shapes with 2 bends.

If you select the wavefold carriers, please view the links on the wavefold collection page to learn more.

All track can easily be cut to size with a hack saw. If you want us to cut to a different size, just leave the dimensions in the custom cut box. If you need a set with custom angles, contact us.

The corner bend takes up 6 1/2" each direction for the KS track and 9" each direction for the CS track, so the track pieces are cut shorter than the set length.

The KS track holds a maximum of 3 lbs per foot. The CS is a little heavier duty and holds a maximum of 6 lbs per foot. Both have great splices and patented lubrication. The KS bend radius is 4". The CS radius is 6".

Keep in mind that an equal size track is not necessary on each side of the bend. For example, the L-96" track set could be cut and spliced to have 14' of straight track on one side of the bend and 2' on the other or any other combination up to 192" total (96" x 2).

 L-60" comes with track, 1) 90 degree bend, 2) end caps, 30) slides, 6) wall or ceiling brackets and 2) splices.

L-96" comes with track, 1) 90 degree bend, 2) end caps, 48) slides, 6) wall or ceiling brackets and 2) splices.

L-144" comes with track, 1) 90 degree bend, 2) end caps, 72) slides, 10) wall or ceiling brackets and 4) splices.

U-96" comes with track,, 2) 90 degree bends, 2) end caps, 72) slides, 10) wall or ceiling brackets and 4) splices.

U-144" comes with track, 2) 90 degree bends, 2) end caps, 96) slides, 15) wall or ceiling brackets and 7) splices.

Drop chains are available to purchase separately.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Brenda Cornett
Great experience

Customer Service is TOP NOTCH. I was very nervous to order these online, but the fellow who helped me was super nice, answered all my questions and got me set up with everything I needed. He even shipped it on a certain date for me so it would arrive at our vacation condo just after we got there. I felt like I would get the help/answers I needed at any point in the process. Directions could be a little clearer, but easy enough to figure out. This system solved a huge issue for us, curtains ran around the corner so we didn’t have to block any of our new glass doors. I would love it if there were some kind of semi decorative end/finial, but I’ll get creative. Don’t hesitate to buy.

Karen Hames
Wonderful products- wonderful service

I was a little reluctant when the track rod arrived. It seemed to be so small and weightless (inconspicuous when installed) that I didn't think it could do the job. But my goodness it is the best window treatment appliance I have ever used - I love it. There were a minor order hiccup but the customer service was so responsive that it really didn't interfere with my enjoyment. No one should hesitate to purchase if a track rod is what you need.

Craig W.
Amazing Ceiling-mounted Corner Room Divider

This ended up being a pretty inexpensive and easier-than-imagined project. I used the curtain track to separate a murphy bed from a living room space to add floor-to-ceiling privacy. I can quickly and easily segregate the bed from the rest of the room.

My main tip - just buy grommet curtains in the appropriate width and length from Amazon or similar. Saved tons of money that way.

Customer support was an amazing and prompt resource!

Ken M.
Satisfied customer

The curtain rod I ordered was just what I expected, arrived sooner than I expected, and was very easy to install - with all the hardware needed for a solid installation.

Larry Rudiger
BEST service and products

Curtain Rod Connection was *the* source for a wall-mounted room-divider-type curtain-rod system. I had such a terrific experience that I ordered extensions to make the system even more comprehensive (it's out in a seasonal screened-in garden room). They are fast, efficient, full of useful information and good advice. I will be ordering another rod for another room, and I'm 100% sure that I'll get it from Curtain Rod Connection!

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